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November 2002

Post Office Pension and Benefit Payments

At present the Post Office has told the sub-postmasters who run all our local Post Offices, rural and urban, that they are only able to use 'official' leaflets to promote and publicize ways of drawing your money after next April. The 'official' leaflet promoting the way to continue drawing cash at your Post Office will not be released until March 2003, too late to opt in!
If, when asked, you provide bank account details to the Dept of Work and Pensions then your money will automatically be paid in there and you will lose your right to receive your cash weekly at the Post Office.

The following information, collected from a shop attached to a sub-Post Office, is therefore of importance to all benefit and pension recipients.

Burning Issues 2002

Attention All Pension and Benefit Recipients

Over the next few months the DWP, (Department of Work and Pensions), will be writing to ask you for your bank account details in readiness for their move to automatic payment of your pension/benefit.

Once you have given these details your benefit will be automatically paid into your bank account and you will have given up your right to collect your benefit in cash, free of charge, over the post office counter. You may even be paid fortnightly or even monthly - and it will almost certainly be in arrears

If you still wish to exercise your right to collect your money weekly in cash at the post office, as Tony Blair promised, it is suggested that you do not give details of your account but write and tell the DWP that you wish to continue to collect your money at your local post office.

Anyone who does not have a bank account will automatically be eligible for a Post Office Card Account and will be able to continue to collect their money free of charge at the Post Office.

The Government want to cut costs by paying your money directly into an account. This is a real threat to the future of all local Post Offices.

Remember it is your right to collect your benefit in a way that is most convenient for you.

To opt for cash payment:- ask in your post office for the wording of the necessary form.
They cannot give it to you unless you ask!

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