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GM Crop Approval

The Government has, as expected, given approval to the planting of GM maize, in spite of the recommendation against it by the Environmental Audit Select Committee. There will be strict conditions attached to the growing of the GM maize crop and, in order to renew the licence when it is reviewed in 2006, further trials must be carried out by the biotech companies.

In addition National Listing of the seed (Chardon LL) has to be granted and the herbicide Liberty (to which it is tolerant) approved. Neither can happen until certain conditions on Co-existence, compensation to non-GM and Organic farmers and a Code of Practise have been agreed.

Opponents of the commercial growth of GM crops are concerned that the tests were not conclusive due to the use of a now banned herbicide on the crops in comparison with GM. This, they say, distorted the findings on environmental effects.

Sugar Beet and Oil Seed Rape were tested also and they will not receive consent. No commercial planting is expected before 2005.

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