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FMD Issues Raised Again

A leaked document from the State Veterinary Service has raised again the whole issue of a Public Inquiry into the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001.

DEFRA has denied a 'cover up', but law specialists are considering whether there is a case for compensation for consequential losses as a result of the latest information.

Those who might consider a claim are :-

  • The 62 swill feeders, who were put out of business 'overnight'
  • The 60,000 farmers who were put under 'Form D' restrictions which trapped animals on farms, causing suffering to many, and left farmers with no income for months
  • the Tourist industry which also suffered huge losses with some of these too going out of business as a result.
The countryside and the farming community need to move on, but to do so they need to know the truth and receive fair compensation if it is due to them.

NB The figures to date
  • There were 2026 confirmed cases of Foot and Mouth
  • 10,000 farms were slaughtered out
  • 3.7 million animals were slaughtered
  • The costs to date are 8 billion.
  • Some contractors who helped with cleaning etc are still awaiting payment from the Government

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