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Food in England
'Are you bored with the bland food on sale in your local Supermarket? A book which describes the wide variety and innate goodness of the food cooked and eaten by our forefathers is 'Food in England' by Dorothy Hartley. Find it at Amazon (link below).

Don't Worry (It's Safe to Eat)
The True Story of GM Food, BSE and Foot and Mouth

This new book by Andrew Rowell exposes inherent anomolies in our food production and examines BSE, GM and foot and mouth. It looks at the Puztai-GM potato issue and the Mexican maize GM contamination of 2001-2002. Questions are asked about the regulations which are meant to protect the public , whether they are flawed or inadequate.
This book is available from Amazon (link below).

Seasonal Worship from the Countryside
A new worship resource book, published in March by SPCK, which includes prayers, service outlines, suggested hymns and readings. For more information on this book see Seasonal Worship

The Great Food Gamble
This easy to read, straightforward book by John Humphrys looks at food, health and possible future developments. Excellent and thought provoking. To order from Amazon click on the link below.

Fields of Fire
This book by Quita Allender is a collection of writings from those affected by foot and mouth disease. It would be too easy for people in general to forget the suffering inflicted on so many people and animals during the outbreak. This book aims to give voice to their feelings and tell their story. It is available through the

Two additions to our listing of books on Genetic Modification can be found at Books to buy. They are 'Genetic Engineering, Food and our Environment' by Luke Anderson and 'The Impact of Genetic Modification on Agriculture, Food and Health' published by the BMA

'The Principality and Power of Europe' by Adrian Hilton, is about Britain and the emerging 'Holy European Empire'. For these and books on other important topics concerned with the Countryside and Farming see:- 'Books to buy'.

For humour and further books relevent to the countryside and farming see 'Recommended books'.

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