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FMD: - Final Report from Cumbria

The final report from Cumbria on Foot and Mouth disease was published on 6th September. You can download the report direct from Cumbria Council's website but will need Acrobat Reader to read it.

Earth Summit

See the prayer for the Earth Summit on CEL's website via Links on this site.
For Earth Summit news visit the following :-
Christian Aid
Johannesburg Summit 2002 - The United Nations' official website

Countryside March

'Liberty and Livelihood' march planned for September 22nd.

Travellers' Chaplain

The Rev'd Roger Redding has been appointed Chaplain to Travelling people by Salisbury Diocese. See his article on Ministry to Travelling People. We would hope to hear more about his work soon. One event which he will be attending, as in previous years, is the Great Dorset Steam Fair at the end of August.

Farmers for Action

'Milk Wars' shown on ITV on August 10th showed how desperation over milk prices drove many farmers to demonstrate for a fair price. Lacking support from other farming bodies they ultimately found unexpected allies in the hauliers who were suffering from high diesel prices. The result was the spontaneous blockade of an oil refinery which led to the blockades of September 2000. The sequel to this '60 Days' was shown on August 17th

With farm prices still so depressed as to be driving even more farmers to the point of bankruptcy a 24 hour 'farm' strike was called for 23rd August. Farmers were urged to withold all goods from sale on that day. Instead they were asked to make a donation to the starving people of southern Africa.

Farmers for Action also wish it to be known that they were not the organisers of the action that was being threatened for August 12th. This was a protest at the 20 day standstill rule and was being organised by another farming group desperate to see their businesses allowed to survive. This action has been called off as the 20 day rule is to be revised, although sceptics wonder how far the changes will go.

Milk crisis

1/6/02 - The milk industry faces crisis as the price paid to farmers continues to drop. See the briefing paper at the Arthur Rank Centre (and follow link).

Market Prices

Facts and figures with comments.

Farming our Future

Reports on the conference 'Farming our Future'.

Country Way

The latest edition of 'Country Way' is now available from The Arthur Rank Centre, National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warks, CV8 2LZ.

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